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Teresa Ann Foxworthy
Teresa Ann Foxworthy


Teresa Ann Foxworthy has been sharing Goddess Wisdom for many, many years! Her clients have primarily been senior executives at Fortune 100 companies who recognize that they wanted to invest their time and resources in personal development, including rejuvenating their sense of well-being, cultivating a fulfilling romantic life, and achieving work-life integration. She helps women deeper their feminine presence and helps men to better honor the feminine in their girlfriends, wives, sisters, daughters, mothers, and women in general.

As an International Executive Development Coach, Corporate Wellness Consultant and Spiritual Dating Coach, Teresa has a holistic approach to every situation. She recognizes the value of “whole-being strategies”. During the last 20 years, she has created more than 200 personal, professional, organizational, and community development programs.

Dating and Relationship expert, inspirational speaker and San Francisco’s Spirituality Dating Coach, Ms. Foxworthy has dedicated her life to researching the best techniques for men and women to co-create deeply nourishing love relationships. Her programs have woven together the wisdom and innovation of ancient and contemporary Love practices from around the world for men and women to experience ecstatic loving I’m very regular basis. She helps sincere men and women who are ready for transformation in the areas of online dating, dating from marriage, reigniting passion, discovering the profound importance of emotional intimacy, exploring the ancient arts of Tantra & Honoring the Feminine, as well as renewing vows, and making your next honeymoon sublime!

After a series of events in her early life, Teresa discovered the wisdom found through meditation on the sacred feminine, which helped me perceive the fundamental goodness of all human beings. “We need only nurture our focus on well-being, communication skills, self-expression, personal evolution, conscious co-creation, and imagination.”

Many years later, when a friend asked Teresa to help post a personals’ ad, Teresa began lecturing diverse groups who hungered for more enlightened dating and relationship advice. This evolved into coaching programs and retreats for executives. Most of her clients today are senior executives from Fortune 100 companies, or healthcare professionals, from around the world, who recognize the value of personal growth for more fulfilling love relationships. All of Teresa’s coaching programs are deeply heart-centered, because after all, that’s where Love lives and shines!

Ms. Foxworthy was born in California and raised in Baltimore, MD, USA, before returning to California for university studies. Her spiritual awakening occurred in childhood when at age 3 her Third Eye was opened. That has inspired her Life Path ever since. She began studying Hatha Yoga at age nine, teaching it by the time she was 17. At age 18, she began studying Tantra Yoga upon the recommendation of an old and wise astrologer who studied Teresa’s birth chart. Teresa has spent several years living in Canada, France, Maui, and Switzerland.

Teresa has incorporated her decades of research & Tantric teachings into a variety of Dating and Relationship Coaching programs. Most popular are: Dating for Keeps, Relationship as Spiritual Practice, Emotional Intimacy for Fulfilling Love Relationships, Evolving the Masculine, Female Led Tantra, Mastering Male-Female Dynamics, Creating Sanctuary, and more.

Teresa is currently based in the Mid-Atlantic USA, where she owns & operates her FOXHAVEN WELLNESS CENTER. She also travels regularly to California and Hawaii; soon again, Europe. She has been invited to Australia, Romania, Turkey and other countries where Honoring the Feminine is being celebrated. She loves to swim, dance, hike, practice yoga, write songs, screenplays, make eco fragrance, natural skincare, and explore culinary innovations.

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