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Goddess Wisdom = Life Coach 

Goddess Wisdom helps men & women.

Goddess Wisdom can be traced back thousands of years. In harmony with Nature, women’s bodies mirrored the cycles of the Earth’s seasons. The wisdom of self-expression, breaking routines, laughing, playing, and refined energetics can be tapped by all to bring balance, cultivate confidence, reduce anxiety & depression, as well as many other benefits. Goddess Wisdom takes you on an adventure through your inner world and helps you better engage others for more fulfilling lives.

Deep inside your Heart is a vast universe where you will find wisdom & joy. Bliss is truly infinite.  Infinite Bliss…it’s your birthright.  Where do you put most of your attention & why?  Slow down some more & tune into your core motivations, your core values, your best inspiration & role models, your connection to the very magnanimous and fecund Source of all Life, as well as your Vision for your community.

Remember, “You came to Live in Joy! The contrast is illuminating…”

For women, The Emerging Goddess Journey beckons with the Goddess Handbook series, Heart of the Goddess poetry, & Goddess Bliss coaching for women.  Discover what you want and need.  The “Women Who Love to Feel Like a Goddess & the Men Who Love to Worship Them” social club, Eco Spa Retreats, and many  more opportunities to evolve your “Goddess-led relationship flow” await you with our enriching, coaching programs for men and women.  We teach women to love themselves.  We teach men to be allies for women. This has proved to make everyone involved more loving, and happier.

Teresa has been an Executive Dating & Relationship Coach for over 20 years, specializing in personal growth & spiritual development. Everyone who follows her advice is engaged, married, or renewing their vows within months.

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